Content Strategy

Telling the right stories


Hillary Clinton

As the Director of Content for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, I oversaw the editorial direction of the campaign blog and This included drafting and updating issue pages based on dense policy language, updating the homepage daily to reflect campaign messaging, crafting candidate bios. I also oversaw additional content projects like: 

Way Back When: A way to highlight Hillary’s long-standing record of public service versus Trump’s complete lack of qualifying experience. This site let users shuffle through time to see what Hillary and Trump were doing each year of their life. The site generated over 7 million views and a wave of press coverage. 

With Her Because: A digital experience that allows you select the reasons you were “with her” and create your own custom voting platform. After selecting your issue, you could share your custom page that succinctly summarized where Hillary and Trump stood on the issues. 

They’re With Her: Custom pages to highlight why three key validators —President Obama, Michelle Obama, and Joe Biden — supported Hillary. The site pulled together their best arguments, quotes, and videos from past speeches and events. 

RoleDirector of Content, Hillary for America

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Our Health California

The California Hospital Association came to Blue State Digital to ask for help to create a grassroots community of Californians dedicated to protecting quality health care and ready to act in defense of quality care. 

After first naming, branding, and building the community, we built a content program to bring the organization’s issues to life. Over the last three years, the website has hosted powerful stories that paint the picture of health care in California, like that of a teen recovering from mental health challenges, a man discovering the powerful cycle of organ donation, and explaining the importance of Medi-Cal for California’s health care landscape.

Role: Creative Director and Content Strategist, Blue State Digital