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Digital is powerful.

As a veteran of two presidential campaigns and with years of experience working with non-profits, advocacy organizations, and cultural institutions, I’ve seen the power of digital first hand: how a blog post can motivate a union member to call his member of Congress, or how an email can drive a fan to donate $30 to support her team at the Olympics, or how a video can move someone to change his or her vote.

Digital marketing isn’t about clicks and reads and views — it’s about real action and real relationships. I want to help your organization create a meaningful and real relationship with your audience.

I’ll do that first by listening and diagnosing your needs, then building a flexible strategy that meets those needs, and finally bringing that strategy to life by producing and executing a flawless digital program that optimizes and grows while listening to your audience.

The internet is as big and as powerful as we make it. Let's build something great together.


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How I Can Help

workshop facilitation

I run custom workshops to help you strategically tackle your toughest challenges and creatively generate fresh ideas.

Content strategy & development

Let's create content that your audience actually wants to read and share. That's how you create a lasting relationship. We'll work together to define your voice, set a strategy, develop that content, and package it on right platforms, for the right audiences. 

fundraising strategy

Increase donations and donors. I can craft a fundraising program rooted in data, thoughtfully optimized, and artfully articulated so that it solicits donations while also building community.

digital campaign development

I'll help you conceive, create, and execute cross-channel campaigns that are inventive, new, and push the boundaries of creativity. No vanity metrics here.

website planning

Create a website that works for your audience — and for you. I'll partner with you to design a website that drives supporters to action and highlights the story of your organization.

Danielle employs an impressive array of skills at every stage of the creative, delivery, and analysis process — she possesses that rare ability to make great contributions across a variety of disciplines, both online and offline: copywriting, design, UX, strategy, and so on.