Fundraising Programs

thoughtful asks and optimizations

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Team USA

Team USA relies on generous small-dollar donors to cultivate America's best athletes, but with the cyclical nature of the Olympic Games, it can be hard to sustain donor's interest over the longer term.

For three years, the Blue State Digital team helped Team USA develop fundraising campaigns that broke out of the boom and bust of the Games cycle, keying in on the impact fans can have on their favorite athletes, and on Team USA's performance on the world's biggest athlete stage.

During End of Year 2015, we developed a creative campaign focused on the unseen moments that make or break an athlete. We also created the Team USA Registry where fans could donate items athletes need most to train and win.  

Over the last few years, the Blue State team was able to steadily increased Team USA's annual revenue and created a more consistent giving patter from a larger donor base.

Role: Creative Director and Communications Strategist, Blue State Digital


Graham Windham

Much to their surprise, Graham Windham (a 210-year-old child services agency) recently found itself in the middle of the biggest cultural phenomenons of the time: "Hamilton". Alexander Hamilton's wife Eliza founded Graham Windham in memory of her husband. When Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the orphanage into his musical, he had no idea the organization was still around today.

With Graham Windham receiving more attention than ever, Blue State Digital helped turn that attention into result for the organization. We put together a social and email campaign around the Grammy Awards, plus a contest to win 2 tickets to the show, we helped fans discover this organization and encouraged them to become a part of Eliza's legacy. 

In just a few months, we were able to double the size of their digital community, and tripled their size of their small-dollar donor base.

Role: Creative Director, Blue State Digital