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Types of Workshops


Need a big idea for a big moment? Have a fundraising campaign missing a creative spark? Or looking to jump-start creativity at your organization? An ideation session is the solution. I'll tailor the session to meet your goal and walk you through interesting and thoughtful exercises that will push you to think beyond the obvious solutions.


Goal setting & prioritization

You can't do anything if you're trying to do everything.

During this session, I'll help you determine your top priorities. It might feel overwhelming at first, but I promise by the end of the session you'll walk away knowing you're on a new path forward with a set of clearly defined and prioritized goals for your digital programs.


voice and tone

Find your voice — and how to use that voice. We'll partner together in this workshop to determine what your brand is, and what your brand is not. Come out of the session with a clear a guide on your voice across digital channels.


Card Sort

Card sorting is a brilliant method for developing an overarching structure for a website. You can move from total chaos to complete consensus in just a few hours.

In the session, each participant has the opportunity to organize content and topics into categories that make sense to them. Then, we come together to review each person's approach and find the points of consensus. Merging these approaches together will generate electric ideas, and you'll leave the session with cohesion around a website structure and on the road to a solid site map.

Workshop Process

Before a session, I'll work with you to set the objectives for the workshop and determine the right participants list. Based on our conversation, I'll select the right set of ice breakers, prompts, and activities that make up a detailed agenda. 

I'll facilitate the meeting, guiding the group through the different exercises, creating an open environment where creativity is encouraged, boundaries are pushed, and anyone can feel creative.

Following the meeting, I'll capture all the ideas from the session and suggest next steps.